My name is Andrew Brinker, and I am a programmer, blogger, and tabletop roleplayer. You can find me on GitHub, , Pinboard, Lobsters, and Reddit.

Alternatively, here are some projects of mine. Click or tap the tags to filter projects!

Suspect Semantics

A blog that's usually about Rust, math, politics, and law.

The Crafty Kobold

A blog about tabletop roleplaying games, and video games.


An embedded Scheme for Rust, modeled after Lua and C.


A tabletop roleplaying system similar to Pathfinder and D&D.

Stress-Free Manifesto

Easily and clearly set expectations for users and maintainers.

Crate Guide

A guide to creating and maintaining a high-quality Rust crate.


A simple and opinionated static site generator, just how I like it.


Generate useful filler data for testing and prototyping.

Field Guide

A beginner introdution to web development.


Files for configuration my shell and associated tools.

Project Status Buttons

README buttons to indicate maitenance status of a project.


Starting boilerplates for different programming languages.


Documents from all my talks, professional and academic.


All my university projects and assignments.


A collection of academic and professional papers.

That's it for now! Copyright 2016, Andrew Brinker.